Eyebrow – Beard – Mustache Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation has been preferred by women and men especially in recent years.  Eyebrow transplantation, which is processed by applying the Fue method, is an extremely easy and comfortable process.

Donor grafts, which are usually taken from the back of the neck and sideburns, are placed in the area where eyebrow loss occurs.  If you want to have an aesthetic appearance, you can contact us for eyebrow transplantation.

Beard Transplant

The beards, which cause men to make a difference on their faces and also known as men’s accessories, may grow out of shape or incomplete depending on genetic factors and hormonal reasons.

We recommend that you should choose beard transplantation for this situation that causes a negative appearance.

Mustache Transplantation

Mustache transplantation is applied in order to have a natural and proper appearance of the mustache that has sparse mustache and grows in an unbalanced form.

The hairs that do not grow sufficiently can affect the life of the person negatively.  Mustache transplantation is a very effective method for the aesthetical appearance.

The mustache transplantation process, which takes an average of 2 – 3 hours, is supported by local anesthesia.  People can return to their daily life on the same day.

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